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1990 BMW R100GS Dakar


Classic Velocity

Have you ever passed a side road that you wanted to try, but didn't have time that day ? Me too. However, many months later I finally had the time to go down a narrow lane with a stone wall on one side, that wandered off into thick trees. It turns out that this narrow lane continues for about 2 miles and then turned to gravel. It looked like it could be someone's deiveway, but there were no signs and I continued on. IT crested a small rise and then descended into a massive cornfield either side of the road. This continued for half a mile in a mixture of gravel and grass. Then it began a rise and became more rocky as it climbed back into thick woods. It continued for a few miles through beautiful woods with a house here or there. It eventually became groomed gravel again, and a mile or so later it was a narrow paved lane. In total, it was only perhaps six or seven miles of offroad, but it was a great surprise. If you have a road that you have been meaning to go down, be sure to do it. You never know what great roads you may be missing close to home.