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1990 BMW R100GS Dakar

Discovery and Disclosure

Classic Velocity

This is the scary part. You finally get enough time to perform a thorough examination and see whether you missed some important negative (or positive) aspect. I pulled off the bodywork and blew everything out with compressed air. It seemed remarkably clean with little evidence of electrical butchery or other shade tree alterations. I am still not sure about the shock, but a test ride proved that it is probably ok and just feels like a some more rebound is needed. I need to find a manual for it and start fiddling. The battery seems strong after a full charge, and I changed the plugs and oil (which looked clean).

I took it for a ride and the front brakes that seemed scary on the brief test ride now feel quite adequate. They don't approach the more modern bikes, but they are far better than the older ones. The back brake however is useless and needs some attention. The stainless exhaust looked beautiful under the covers. There are a lot of small minor things which need attention, but no big expensive things were found so far. Now on to the motor...