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1980 BMW R100RT

Finally Among the Elite

Classic Velocity

I have never really gravitated toward the top of the line vehicles for several reasons. First, I could not afford them. Second, you could usually get so much more with that money if you did have it. But that has all changed now. When it was introduced in 1979, the BMW R100RT was the most expensive production motorcycle that you could buy in the USA. It was the motorcycle for the discriminating tourer, with a full fairing, generous storage, enhanced instrumentation, and luxurious accomodations.

And that is where the commercial ends. The version that I managed to acquire has issues. It runs, but not well,  it has a shaved valve cover on one side, it has a very loud 2 into one, a cracked windshield, etc. The good points are that the paint is fairly good, and the luggage is as well. All of the electrical seems to be in working order. Looks like just a lot of work to make it a good rider.

We shall see.....