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1978 Chevy G10

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Delivering Twins

Classic Velocity

This is where the beauty of the G10 comes in. You find a pair of Honda CB360, you negotiate a deal, and you load them both into a vehicle without using a trailer, you transport them both back to base safely. Brilliant !

2013-06-15 16.34.52.jpg

Hershey Haulin

Classic Velocity

Suppose you need to carry a van load of stuff to sell to a location a few hours away. Now suppose you also need to tow a car to that same location. Now suppose you need to do all of this in one trip. Then what you need is this Chevy van. The annual pilgrimage to Hershey for the Porsche meet involved all of the above this year as I decided to put the Puma up for sale just to see what interest there might be. The van was really loaded with internal contents, passengers, and the trailer with car. Despite this, we were moving along at just under 80mph for much of the trip except for the the inclines, where the van really loses power quickly. I was impressed with how it ran, and it was a good day as we sold the car and came home with an empty trailer...


Winter Haulin

Classic Velocity

Somehow, in the dead of winter, there is always a need to get something towed from point A to point B. It may be partially related to the fact that deals often pop-up during the winter, if you live in an area that has true winter. It may also be related to the fact that the need to move a vehicle pops up in the least desirable time to move said vehicle. Regardless, the G 10 had to be awakened from its slumber in order to go pick up a surprise addition to the stable (see stray cat). Snow and slippery surfaces in general are not the best terrain for the 2 Wheel drive van. Fortunately, the roads themselves were clear, and the job was accomplished without drama. It was also good to get the oil circulating as it had been sitting for almost 2 months.

Towinching Around

Classic Velocity

Due to an unexpected need to move a few cars around, the G10 and the trailer got a full workout during the course of a weekend. It was several hundred miles of towing all together, and a solid test of the van under full load. The Mercedes are not small light cars, but the van performed well on the highway and on country roads. The brakes are the one area where you need to pay attention when towing a full load. The trailer has dual axle electric brakes, and they were needed. I also discovered that there is a short of some kind when turning on the headlights. It must have been introduced when the trailer brake controller was installed.

Classic Work

Classic Velocity

It did not take long for the van to begin classic working duty. It was immediately the choice for the Hershey swap meet. I needed to transport a couple of people along with the usual assortment of parts. This trip I was clearing out most of the remaining 914 stuff which included a targa top, a drip tray, and plastic bins of assorted parts. They were all swallowed by the G10 without making much of a dent on space. I added several boxes of magazines and books, and an engine case. Last, I decided to throw the table saw in for good measure on the off chance that someone at a Porsche swap meet needs one of those. Guess what, they did!

The van did the run out to Hershey and back with only one minor issue. There was a noise not unlike a slipping belt at speeds above 75mph. It only happened for about 15 minutes, and then it went away. Never happened on the way back, even in the serious rain storm we ran into. I will check the belts.....