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1978 Chevy G10

Hershey Haulin

Classic Velocity

Suppose you need to carry a van load of stuff to sell to a location a few hours away. Now suppose you also need to tow a car to that same location. Now suppose you need to do all of this in one trip. Then what you need is this Chevy van. The annual pilgrimage to Hershey for the Porsche meet involved all of the above this year as I decided to put the Puma up for sale just to see what interest there might be. The van was really loaded with internal contents, passengers, and the trailer with car. Despite this, we were moving along at just under 80mph for much of the trip except for the the inclines, where the van really loses power quickly. I was impressed with how it ran, and it was a good day as we sold the car and came home with an empty trailer...