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1978 Chevy G10

Sound Investment

Classic Velocity

The Chevy G 10 does not have the kind of engine that makes you want to forego having music in the vehicle. It is not a sonorous V12 or a raspy flat six. It also has roughly the same aerodynamic profile as a detached two car garage, which makes it rather noisy. So it will come as no surprise that's an investment in the stereo system was inevitable. The good news is that even the lowliest and cheapest of the options for changing the speakers in the van would be a marked improvement. It is hard not to improve upon dried-up paper-based speakers from the 1970s. This was a simple case of out with the old and in with the new as the same size speakers fit into the door cutouts. The result was a dramatic improvement in sound for very little money. This is the kind of upgrade that is pretty rare to achieve on any vintage vehicle.