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1978 Chevy G10

Classic Work

Classic Velocity

It did not take long for the van to begin classic working duty. It was immediately the choice for the Hershey swap meet. I needed to transport a couple of people along with the usual assortment of parts. This trip I was clearing out most of the remaining 914 stuff which included a targa top, a drip tray, and plastic bins of assorted parts. They were all swallowed by the G10 without making much of a dent on space. I added several boxes of magazines and books, and an engine case. Last, I decided to throw the table saw in for good measure on the off chance that someone at a Porsche swap meet needs one of those. Guess what, they did!

The van did the run out to Hershey and back with only one minor issue. There was a noise not unlike a slipping belt at speeds above 75mph. It only happened for about 15 minutes, and then it went away. Never happened on the way back, even in the serious rain storm we ran into. I will check the belts.....