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1978 Chevy G10

The Shagwagon

Classic Velocity

I happen to like the 1970s. Mostly the very early part, but there was some good stuff later on as well. The spirit of the 1960s continued well into the seventies and early eighties with respect to van culture. Custom vans with wild exteriors and wilder interiors ruled this time period. Although my G10 had survived in almost bone stock fashion on the outside, the same was not true on the inside. In true late 1970s fashion, the van's interior had been completely covered in powder blue shag carpeting.

The original owner had also insulated the shell, and put up composite board to attach the carpeting to. Further, he had built a seating/bedding platform from 2X4 and plywood. Lastly, he had installed a Craig amplifier and speakers in the platform. Yeah Baby !! For the parts where there was flooring, a thin floor had been installed which was covered with faux brick linoleum, and then a powder blue rug. The parts with a raised platform had vinyl clad padding like a child's mattress. It was all custom fit. Lastly, there was a Craig AM/FM Cassette ready for my Creedence Clearwater Revival and Bob Marley tapes. Lastly, there was a bubble sunroof installed, which was the only change visible from the exterior. If there was any doubt that this was an original 1978 van, the interior removed all trace of it.

As much as this was a fun time machine, almost all of the carpet, and much of the platform had to come out for my needs. It will have to live on in pictures.....