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1978 Chevy G10

Delivering Twins

Classic Velocity

This is where the beauty of the G10 comes in. You find a pair of Honda CB360, you negotiate a deal, and you load them both into a vehicle without using a trailer, you transport them both back to base safely. Brilliant !

2013-06-15 16.34.52.jpg

Easy Go, Easy Come

Classic Velocity

It is said that nature abhores a vacuum. That may explain why barely a few weeks after making a space by selling the Puma, something filled the space. The something was another BMW 2002. This time I left home with an empty trailer and returned with a full load. The van had the speedo needle buried a few times on the way out. Almost the same on the way back with the car. It seems to run better every trip. It is thirsty though, so I need to investigate options for improved fuel efficiency. I got better mileage with the Yukon and the loaded enclosed trailer! Of course it might help if I control my right foot....


Hershey Haulin

Classic Velocity

Suppose you need to carry a van load of stuff to sell to a location a few hours away. Now suppose you also need to tow a car to that same location. Now suppose you need to do all of this in one trip. Then what you need is this Chevy van. The annual pilgrimage to Hershey for the Porsche meet involved all of the above this year as I decided to put the Puma up for sale just to see what interest there might be. The van was really loaded with internal contents, passengers, and the trailer with car. Despite this, we were moving along at just under 80mph for much of the trip except for the the inclines, where the van really loses power quickly. I was impressed with how it ran, and it was a good day as we sold the car and came home with an empty trailer...


Winter Haulin

Classic Velocity

Somehow, in the dead of winter, there is always a need to get something towed from point A to point B. It may be partially related to the fact that deals often pop-up during the winter, if you live in an area that has true winter. It may also be related to the fact that the need to move a vehicle pops up in the least desirable time to move said vehicle. Regardless, the G 10 had to be awakened from its slumber in order to go pick up a surprise addition to the stable (see stray cat). Snow and slippery surfaces in general are not the best terrain for the 2 Wheel drive van. Fortunately, the roads themselves were clear, and the job was accomplished without drama. It was also good to get the oil circulating as it had been sitting for almost 2 months.

Work Duty

Classic Velocity

The G10 has been earning its keep over the last few months hauling a variety of cargo. Most recently, it transported the R75/5 back to base in an extended highway run. I flushed the radiator and put in new anti-freeze. It was very cold, and the battery was suspect a few times, so I opted to replace it. It now has 800 cold cranking amps rather than 700 warm ones. Speaking of warmth, the heat is surprisingly good, and needs to be turned down when on the highway. It also blew a low beam headlight and a marker bulb, and needed wiper blades, all of which were easily replaced. It is an amazing to know that anything you need for this vehicle is available at any auto parts place for very reasonable cost, despite its age.