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1976 BMW 2002 Ceylon

Mega Wrenching

Classic Velocity

In a spurt of wrenching over a weekend, a number of areas get attention, and a few areas of need are discovered. The progress on the interior continues with the stereo installed and the rear speakers connected. The fronts will be another story since they are not going back into the doors. The rear parcel shelf involved cutting a new one from Masonite, wrapping it in vinyl, and then cutting the 6x9 holes. This area of the parcel shelf was hacked up by the previous owner, just like the doors, so I used the same crude openings. The flasher switch is discovered to be bad, and it fails in the on position, which may explain why the flasher relay was missing. I decided to do the conversion to the common EL13 relay. Worked like a charm, and with the flasher switch wedged in the off position, I actually had turn signals. With the spliced wires for the previous stereo repaired, a number of other electrical gremlins went away as well. 

The hood release was a zip-tied cable, which I replaced and returned the system to stock operation. The “driver” quality kidney grill that I got from a 2002FAQ member is actually quite nice and really stands out up front. It will take some getting used to a different look for the nose after 5 years. The center console was modded a bit and test fitted. It is awaiting a few things before final assembly. I replaced the passenger side front turn signal assembly with a better one that I had in the parts stash.  A battery tender pigtail, some POR15 underneath the car, cleanup of some rear marker light wiring, and the return of seat belts, completed th work. It doesn’t look any different, but momentum continues....