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1976 BMW 2002 Ceylon

Washing and Wiping

Classic Velocity

It is surprising how debilitating it is not to be able to see out the windshield 🤔 !! Since this car is far from original, we decided to forego the expensive stock windshield washer bottle and pump, in favor of a universal one. This in turn caused a re-routing of the wiring and hoses back to the traditional spot on the inside right fender. With that accomplished, the ancient wiper blades were replaced as well. Now we can both wash and wipe..


A Hazardous Switch

Classic Velocity

There is something about the German approach to turn signals and hazard lights in the sixties and seventies that is worthy of study. Our 66 bus has the mother of all relays controlling everything, so any problem points to that box. BMW motorcycles had a non-conventional turn signal layout for decades after the industry standardized. The former Mercedes 230SE had a wacky combination of relays in series, and the 2002 runs everything through the hazard light switch before going on to  more relays. The switch in the car went bad and since it failed in the on position, the previous owner simply removed the turn signal relay to turn them off. Or the relay may have been bad, but either way it was missing.

Since that is yet another $60 relay, I decided to use a hack from the 2002faq forum which allows the use of a common $10 auto parts store relay. It works perfectly, but I still had to pony up for a replacement switch, despite having a non-compatible early version in the parts stash. The end result is working turn signals and hazard lights, so all ends well. 


Mega Wrenching

Classic Velocity

In a spurt of wrenching over a weekend, a number of areas get attention, and a few areas of need are discovered. The progress on the interior continues with the stereo installed and the rear speakers connected. The fronts will be another story since they are not going back into the doors. The rear parcel shelf involved cutting a new one from Masonite, wrapping it in vinyl, and then cutting the 6x9 holes. This area of the parcel shelf was hacked up by the previous owner, just like the doors, so I used the same crude openings. The flasher switch is discovered to be bad, and it fails in the on position, which may explain why the flasher relay was missing. I decided to do the conversion to the common EL13 relay. Worked like a charm, and with the flasher switch wedged in the off position, I actually had turn signals. With the spliced wires for the previous stereo repaired, a number of other electrical gremlins went away as well. 

The hood release was a zip-tied cable, which I replaced and returned the system to stock operation. The “driver” quality kidney grill that I got from a 2002FAQ member is actually quite nice and really stands out up front. It will take some getting used to a different look for the nose after 5 years. The center console was modded a bit and test fitted. It is awaiting a few things before final assembly. I replaced the passenger side front turn signal assembly with a better one that I had in the parts stash.  A battery tender pigtail, some POR15 underneath the car, cleanup of some rear marker light wiring, and the return of seat belts, completed th work. It doesn’t look any different, but momentum continues....


Carpet and Wiring

Classic Velocity

The carpet kit was a molded item from unknown origin. It cost me nothing in money, but plenty in effort and frustration. It was generally the right shape, but specifically off in all the important dimensions. It had no holes, so measuring and punching holes and trying to properly locate the carpet was no fun. In the end, it will require some cuts for relief and reshaping. Then it was on to the  prewiring. New speaker wires were run to front and rear.continuous and switched power was located, and the new head unit harness was completed. Next, a mounting plate for the center console was modified to shift the location slightly....


Carpet Prep

Classic Velocity

A decent garage session accomplished a few of the items needed to get ready for the carpet install. First was the installation of some sound deadening. After some looking around, I went with Kilmat, as it is relatively thin, so it adds less weight. The goal is just to mitigate some of the noise in this car, not to make it quiet. Installation is straight forward once you have a roller. It takes a bit of work in areas with compound curves as you might expect, but overall I am happy with the product. Second was adapting the seat mounting plates to the 02. This involved drilling some new holes in the plates and in the mounting brackets. Nothing major, and nothing that prevents a return to fully stock if needed. Then there was the mod for the accelerator pedal. A simple hinge replaces the “nubs” that are missing on this replacement floor. Lastly, I ran some speaker wiring while the coast was clear and the console was out. Almost ready for carpet test fitting....