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1976 BMW 2002 Ceylon

Pedal Box Prep

Classic Velocity

Finally, the jack stands are in place and the full assessment of the pedal box can begin. The bolts are corroded and need a good dose of PB Blaster overnight. Fortunately, all of the metal other than the pedal box is in good shape. As usual on these cars, the insulation around the pedal box traps moisture and eventually disintegrates. The end result is the pedal box looks like it was repeatedly dipped in salt compared to the rest of the undercarriage....


Safer Ground

Classic Velocity

A hopefully temporary location change. The inn is full, and I am in search of winter storage. In the mean time, a better outdoor spot with an outdoor cover is the best we can do for a few days....


Golden Goodies

Classic Velocity

The trip to The Vintage event in North Carolina was eventful on many levels (see main blog). One of the unexpected positives was finding a pedal box in good shape. The seller agreed upon a good price for me, and then offered to throw in a box of assorted parts including the pedal covers, a kidney grill (320i unfortunately), a steering column pad, and other items. A good deal got even better !