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1975 Yamaha RD350

Gathering Miles

Classic Velocity

A perfect test for the RD was coming up in the form of The Gathering of the Nortons. I have been attending this annual event for over a decade, and it is always good enough to be covered in the main blog. Despite the name, it is an excellent gathering of other British bikes, European Marques, and vintage Japanese machines. I have not seen an RD there in years, so I decided that this was a good choice. It would also provide a 100+ mile test as well. The bike was great there and back, with only a stumble at idle now and then which causes a stall. No issues once underway, and at speed it once again reminds you why this would have spanked any other 350, and done the same to some 500s as well. I rode in the company of a fleet of Guzzi Le Mans including a 1000. No problem keeping pace, and I could have surprised a few in the corners giving how light and nimble the RD is. Giant Killer indeed!