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1975 Yamaha RD350

A Steady Blinker

Classic Velocity

It is good to be down to small annoying things. The blinker on the left rear was often pointing to the sky or to the ground due to a siezed grub screw which had been broken off at some point prior to my ownership. There was no way to get this out, and so I decided to drill it. The lens assembly attaches to the stalk by threads, but the grub screw keeps it in place and horizontal. After the drill session, I considered drilling all the way through the stalk and then using a tap to thread the hole. My eventual solution was just some removable loctite. I might have used a different solution if this bike was going to go across the country, but it is not, so plumber's tape might have been just as good. Mission accomplished and to prove it worked, I went for a ride along some bumpy asphalt roads. So far, so good.