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1975 Yamaha RD350

Wires and Winkers

Classic Velocity

On a brief break in the arctic winter, I took the RD outside and started it up. It was a little finicky to get started, but it improved once it warmed up. However, the electrical system did not. Right turn signals were sluggish, and the left just stayed on without blinking. The headlight varied between dim and off, as did the tail light. It seemed to be suffering from the same kind of maladies as the Honda a few months back. Into the headlight bucket we go, and it is actually pretty stock. I do find a loose ground, and a few connections that are a little crusty. Sandpaper and reseating is followed by looking for other grounds. The headlight and tail light are now better, but the turn signals are not. Methinks it is time for another new relay....

2014-02-23 20.17.57.jpg