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1974 Honda CB360T

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More Decessorizing

Classic Velocity

You have already heard that I have removed several of the former accessories from this motorcycle. They include the luggage, and the massive crazed touring windshield. Now it was time for the engine bars and the highway pegs to go. The whole assembly was attached by a couple of clamps on the lower portion of the frame, and a single bolt through the bracket at the top front behind the fork. It took some liquid wrench on the more exposed lower clamps, but eventually, the whole thing was removed. The bike instantly looked better to my eye, and closer to the stock version. I also moved the turn signals back to their original positions, and put the new seat cover on. Real progress....


Cough and Sputter

Classic Velocity

First things first, the bike gets the standard treatment. Plugs, check points, oil change, air filter. With those done and a freshly charged battery, the bike would cough and sputter, but no sustained fire. Back to that later, as the front disk brake was seized. I ordered a caliper rebuild kit, and found that it was not in bad shape once there was a good flush and then fresh fluid. Better. Now to dive into the carbs.... 



Classic Velocity

This machine was setup for touring. It has high bars, a windshield, and highway pegs.  None of which is in good shape. The windshield is horribly crazed and faded, not to mention heavy. It would be at home on a Harley if it was clear. The engine bars are pretty flimsy, and are there mostly to hold the highway pegs. And then there is the luggage. Wait, luggage is a very strong word for the flimsy plastic boxes hung off the rear. However, at the time, they would have been considered ok. We have come a long way, and they too have to go....I am beginning to see a motorcycle hidden in there...


Unexpected Twins Part 2

Classic Velocity

A pair of non-running CB360s appear to have followed me home.  This one is a CB360T with the single disc hydraulic front brake. The other was a regular CB360. The 360T was also converted to a touring bike with higher handlebars, windshield, highway bars and pegs, and luggage. It is truly amusing (and alarming) to see what passed for luggage back in the 70s ! It is also cool to see that a 360 was an example of a capable touring rig back then. Today, we think the 1800cc Goldwing needs more power ! The bike has been in storage for a long time, so the carbs need a rebuild, electrical is unknown as the battery died long ago, etc. This one will be a challenge, as it is tempting to actually keep it with a touring setup...