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1974 BMW R90S

Krausers at Krauszer's

Classic Velocity

Lest you be thinking that the R90S has not been out much this summer, the reverse is true. It has been out a bunch on routine runs to Home Depot, and a MAC PAC breakfast or two. It even did a work commute one day. It has a finnicky ignition switch, which I need to look at this winter, but the bike runs better and better each time I take it out. It seems to really like the octane boost that I throw in it periodically, so I'm sure the winter blend gas that is beginning to show up will make it a challenge to find the good stuff that it likes. There have only been a couple of minor issues to contend with. The first is the mirrors. There is no position where they work effectively for me, so I have positioned them as well as possible for now while I figure out alternatives. The second is the squeak that I thought was the air breather valve, but it is not. You only hear it at idle warmed up, so it is another item to be tracked down.