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1974 BMW R90S

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Classic Velocity

There was one last piece of progress needed before being ready to start the bike on a lovely weather weekend. The day dawned sunny with temperatures in the 40s. All that was needed was the reinstallation of the exhausts, and then some fuel and a quick test ride of the concentric circle variety. The first delay was the exhaust clamp. It seems the bolt in it decided to snap, and leave the semi-siezed part of itself (of course) in the clamp. After some penetrant, a trip to the vise, and some vise grips, the offending bolt vacated the clamp. I chased the threads and found another M8 bolt. With the clamp on, we were able to move on to the next delay, starting the bike. When you have taken a bike apart and put it back together, the failure to start sends your mind reeling over potential missing pieces or disconnected wiring. It turns out that I had a key ground wire connector not well.....connected. Once in place, the bike took a few minutes to start. Idle was high, and the throttle grip needed adjustment, but the motor sounded good. I went up and down the block a few times to make sure the brakes were in fine working order. The bike made it back under its own power, so a more adventurous ride was in order. I rode a few miles to put some fuel in the bike, and then took a slightly longer route home. Despite needing to go gingerly because of gravel still all over the road, the bike ran great. There are a few niggles to take care of, but I was very pleased with the results. On to the next concentric circle.....