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1974 BMW R90S

Power Pigtail

Classic Velocity

Although you can technically get to the battery terminals on the R90S without any dissassembly, the clearance for the alligator clips is a bit too close for comfort with the battery in place. Although it is an early bike with a working kickstart, keeping the battery up to snuff is important, as I rarely choose to use the kickstarter, and the bike has an ignition module. In a cool black friday sale, I got a couple of Yuasa trickle chargers for $20 each. They came with pigtails, so I decided to wire one to the R90S. It is not the 5 minute job it should be, as the ignition module is fixed in the seat pan and needs to be removed. A side benefit is that I can now connect the heated gloves or other accessories. There is now no excuse for not using the bike this winter....except for the rear tire.