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1973 Norton Commando 750

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Classic Velocity

This is the classic challenge of a british bike. It started fine, and ran fine for a while before dying unexpectedly. A quick look at the wiring revealed that it was fried from the rectifier down to the ground on the frame. Why ? I have no idea so far, but it will need a harness. Looks great, but today it required a rescue call and the trailer. I am not ready to eliminate the PO or me from the equation yet, but I have not really touched the wiring. This is how British bikes get their reputation!


First Impressions

Classic Velocity

The sound is magnificent. From initial startup, to cracking the throttle while underway, this motorcycle sounds the business. It also looks proper, as only a Norton can. It instantly brings back all that was good about my previous Commandos. Plenty of  torque, fast, good handling. Along with that come the challenges. The front brake is rubbish, and the neutral light quit after being flawless throughout the test rides and pre-acquisition phase. So there is some work to be done. Did I mention the great sound through the pea-shooters ? The basics are great, and that is a departure from previous experience.... 

For All the Right Reasons

Classic Velocity

I did not need any reasons to own another Commando. I have outlined the many reasons in blog posts such as Repeat Offenders, and while drooling at the Sammy Miller Museum. However, Norton thought that we all needed convincing back when the Commando was new. As a result, I am just going to include their Ads as my reason for being back in the fold. Actually, I never left the forums or the events like the annual Gathering. I was just between bikes for a few years....