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1973 BMW R75/5

Found Front Fender

Classic Velocity

Before..The cool thing about a Cafe bike is that there are very few rules about what you can and cannot do. During the visit to Carlisle last month (see Carlisle is for Crazies), I purchased some plug wires for the 911E, and got a front motorcycle fender in the bargain. It was black and silver, and similar in shape to the fender on the R75, and the price was right. Nothing to lose. After..After drilling some rivets, some work with the vise, and a little cleanup, it actually looked pretty good. I decided to make the swap. For a moment after getting the old one off, I thought about having no front fender. Hhhmmmm..... Interesting, but no. A couple of drilled holes, and a few minutes later, the front of the bike had a different look. Any change has to grow on you, but so far this looks good to me and the patina is about right.