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1973 BMW R75/5

Lucky Sevens

Classic Velocity

This January Saturday was a beautiful clear day with temps in the 40s. Late in the afternoon I found myself with a couple of hours of daylight left and I decided to take the R75 out for some exercise. It did not feel at all cold standing outside, so I put on the Belstaff jacket and got underway. I tiptoed through a few back roads due to gravel. Once on clear B roads, it was obvious that the bike really likes the cooler temperatures. The motor felt crisp and clean. About 20 minutes into the ride, the temp began dropping like a rock, and knees and hands began to suffer. I was so preoccupied with keeping warm that I forgot to pay attention to the odometer. At some point, the bike rolled past 77,777. I had intended to take a picture at that point, but I guess I will have to wait for 777,777. With the cold really beginning to impact things, I changed the planned route, and stopped by a favorite park with a lake. A cafe style bike and freezing cold don't often go together, so some of the folks in the park took quite an interest. The other people in the park were too busy ice fishing on the lake to notice. Warmed up a little, I beat a hasty retreat home, enjoying the throttle response.....