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1972 BMW 2002 tii

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Sport Utility Sedan

Classic Velocity

After an impressive bout of procrastination, I was forced to swap the wheels on the tii by the impending trip down to North Carolina for the Vintage at the Vineyards event. I hauled the BBS wheels up one at a time from the basement, changed them, and then hauled the bottle caps back down one at a time. Pain in the butt, but I got it done. Then work interfered with plans and the trip to NC was shot down. In retaliation, I decided to use the car as daily driver over the long holiday weekend. I drove it to work, on errands, and then on Sunday went to get a few things at the local home center. It dawned on me that this trip in particular exemplified how a 40 year old vehicle (well 39 technically) can still be competent today. It seats four, will haul butt in the left lane (the home center is a few exits away), has a spacious trunk ((2 50lb bags of potting soil, some solar lights, etc), and will dance through the curves on the scenic way home.

One of the back roads home has a tight turn followed by a nice clear stretch. As I rounded the curve and accelerated, a BMW Z4 was coming the other way. We passed about mid way, both doing about 80MPH. I thought I could see the gaping mouth of the other driver as the instantly recognizable snout of the tii flashed past him at speed ! Surprisingly fast, surprisingly useful And, even today, surprisingly good. 

Of Batteries and Brioche

Classic Velocity

It was kind of typical. I forgot to put the tii on the trickle charger and that would mean a very weak battery. It was enough to power the dome light and the VDO clock, but I had been here before so I got out the battery charger to give it a starting boost, and then let it charge on the 45 minute jaunt to New Hope for breakfast. I got the trusty old charger out and we were on our way in a few minutes. 

It was a beautiful fall morning and the ride was scenic but cool. The cafe au lait and the brioche at my favorite bakery were brilliant as usual. Come time to leave, the key turns and the weak crank soon turns to clicks. No worries, for I am equipped with the battery booster/starter/jump thing that I had purchased in the spring. It should be fully charged and ready to be tested in a real life situation. I pushed the little test button and it showed that it was too weak to be used !! I tried it anyway and it was of no help. Fortunately, the departing couple next to agreed to a jump start and it fired up immediately. 

Back at home, I put the meter on the alternator, and it tested fine. The battery charged fully on the charger, but I think it is time for a replacement. This has been a year of battery woes in the garage, so perhaps it is fitting that another one bites the dust. I returned the battery booster to the store and it failed their test too. They exchanged it for another, so we will try again. This is the first time that the tii has ever been less than flawless, but it wasn't the car's fault.... 

Cruisin to Carlisle

Classic Velocity

It may seem like the tii has not been out much, but it flew up to Pocono as you can read in the Back In A Minute post, and went down to New hope just a week ago. The trek to Carlisle for the Import and Kit Replicar Show was something of an annual pilgrimage for a long time. However, I missed the last one or two for various reasons. This year, Ed's car was in good enough shape to make the show, but not to drive the 2 hours needed to get there so he trailered it. I followed in the tii and we had an uneventful trip out. At the event, the showfield had a 7 or 8 2002s along with several other variations of BMW. More impressive was Ed Ulsom's collection of jaw-dropping cars. It included a Bauer Cabriolet, a turbo, and a beautiful black Touring model. Great cars, and rare ones on this side of the Atlantic. For more on the show see the post on the main blog.

The tii continues to be of interest wherever it goes. In particular, people believe the interior is a custom creation rather than factory. It ran flawlessly as usual. Coming back was mostly 80 MPH+ and the car just cruised along. I will need to flush the cooling system though as it ocurred to me that it has been a couple of years now. I also turned on the AC for a bit, and it is cool, but not cold. It has also been a couple of years on that front. I also have the passenger side mirror to replace. Time to tackle a few issues.

PS: I am actively in search of the owner of the Golf-colored 2002tii next to the Nittany Bimmers tent (pictured here). It has an interesting air filter fitment that I would like to discuss. 

A Visit to Van Sant

Classic Velocity

The Sunday after Thanksgiving was a clear sunny unusually warm day. I decided to take a run out to  Van Sant airport to give the tii some exercise on perhaps one of the few remaining nice days this year. The tii was decked out in its winter livery. ie: Bottlecaps replaced the BBS wheels which had been cleaned and put away for the winter.The car was its' usual brilliant self on the run there and back.

Van Sant Airport is really an airfield complete with grass runways, and is used more for gliders and antique aircraft. On any given Sunday, there is a fair amount of activity as tow planes pull gliders up into the sky. The tow planes themselves are an interesting variety of single engine aircraft of varying age. It is amazing how slowly they get airborne. The hangars contain some more interesting vintage equipment including a biplane or two and a variety of WWII trainers. The radial air-cooled engines are another fascinating aspect of these planes. But I digest....

Every Sunday, Van Sant is a gathering spot for a variety of car and motorcycle enthusiasts of all types. There really is no rhyme or reason other than it is a bucolic setting with some good driving/riding roads surrounding it. I saw one of the first Aston Martin Vantage cars sold in the flesh there, parked next to a Model T. I saw 3 Citroen DS cars there one weekend, along with a Renault 5 Turbo, and a Peugeot 505. Apparently the French club was out enjoying the day. The bikes are just as eclectic. Harley panheads and Ducati 1098s, BMW /2s and Triumph Bonnevilles, BSAs, and Goldwings. You never know what might turn up.

Today continued the traditon. There was a small group of muscle car guys with a Chevelle, a Challenger, and a 57 Chevy, there was a Caterham 7, and an E Type Jag along with my tii. The bikes included a cool RD350 Yamaha, an R90S similar to my own  smoke silver except this one was fully assembled. There was also an MV Agusta F4 Senna, a Bonneville, and a bunch of Harleys. You just never know....