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1972 BMW 2002 tii

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Of Batteries and Brioche

Classic Velocity

It was kind of typical. I forgot to put the tii on the trickle charger and that would mean a very weak battery. It was enough to power the dome light and the VDO clock, but I had been here before so I got out the battery charger to give it a starting boost, and then let it charge on the 45 minute jaunt to New Hope for breakfast. I got the trusty old charger out and we were on our way in a few minutes. 

It was a beautiful fall morning and the ride was scenic but cool. The cafe au lait and the brioche at my favorite bakery were brilliant as usual. Come time to leave, the key turns and the weak crank soon turns to clicks. No worries, for I am equipped with the battery booster/starter/jump thing that I had purchased in the spring. It should be fully charged and ready to be tested in a real life situation. I pushed the little test button and it showed that it was too weak to be used !! I tried it anyway and it was of no help. Fortunately, the departing couple next to agreed to a jump start and it fired up immediately. 

Back at home, I put the meter on the alternator, and it tested fine. The battery charged fully on the charger, but I think it is time for a replacement. This has been a year of battery woes in the garage, so perhaps it is fitting that another one bites the dust. I returned the battery booster to the store and it failed their test too. They exchanged it for another, so we will try again. This is the first time that the tii has ever been less than flawless, but it wasn't the car's fault.... 

Deeper Into The 02 Cult

Classic Velocity

A friend of mine bought a 1976 2002 and joined the cult. Let's get something straight right away, this is not his first BMW 2002. In fact, it is not his 2nd or 3rd. But it is the first roadworthy one. He has had several parts cars and we have owned a few together, and then there was the one that needed some work to be roadworthy which gave rise to this one. It is a recognized sign of deepening embace of the 02 cult to simultaneously own more than two of the breed. Particularly if most or all are not roadworthy.

It is a pretty good Chamonix (white) example, with a sound structure, and even a sunroof. Even better, it was being prepared for a life in motorsport (and that's the plan). As such it has nice panasports with racing tires, it has been de-trimmed except for the rain gutters, the battery was relocated to the trunk with a cutoff switch, it has a sport steering wheel, and it has sport seats. But best of all it has....wait for it......Sidedraft Webers. It has a foam filter, but it needs replacement so we used that as an excuse to remove it. The car is not yet running perfectly, but once you open up the throttle, the sound of the open bellmouths makes you just laugh out loud like a maniacal pre-schooler. There is only one thing to do once that happens.

We went for a ride and kept the webers on howl for as much of the ride as possible. It serves to remind us of how good the basic version of these cars were, and are. It also reminds us of how brilliant these cars were, and are, with just a few changes to intake, fuel, and exhaust. This is going to be a good one....

The Oil filter vs Der Olfilter

Classic Velocity

vintage filterAfter a season of very few actual miles compared to planned, it was time to put the tii to bed for the winter. I usually change the oil and disconnect the battery or leave it on a battery tender. The positive battery post was covered in acid corrosion, while the negative one was free of it. The difference was one of those felt corrosion protecting washers. I had always doubeted that they actually did anything, but this was pretty conclusive evidence. new filter

I drained the oil and removed the filter only to discover that I did not have a replacement filter on the shelf. After a trip to the basement rummaging through stuff, I turned up the period filter pictured complete with sticker ! It ocurred to me that I had not seen a sticker like this actually in the engine bay, so I put a post out on the 2002FAQ list. I decided to keep the vintage filter, so I left the car on the jackstands and ordered a few replacement filters. You can see the new one, the one I removed from the car, and the vintage one along with the obvious differences.