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1972 BMW 2002 tii

The Belated Battery

Classic Velocity

The thing about having a blog, is that it will cause your laziness to be chronicled ;-) The battery woes of late last fall should have been solved right then, but winter set in, and I didn't get around to addressing the issue until it started to look nice enough to drive again. The old dead battery was sitting on the floor all winter, waiting to be exchanged for a new live one. While it was out, I vowed to do some cleanup of the battery tray area and find the battery bracket that I know I have somewhere. Well, I did cleanup the tray and paint it, but I have not located the bracket so it was zip ties to the rescue for now. I did also end up replacing the positive battery terminal, so we are now in good shape for the season. Now I just need to find the bracket, change the oil, change the wheels......