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1971 Mercedes 280SE

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Running from a Mystery

Classic Velocity


the full saga associated with this is its own story which will make the main blog. Suffice it to say that getting the machine back to running condition involved parts, frustration, trial and error, trailering to a shop, working on it at that shop, and a mystery ending. I am working on the the end of the day, the car is now running well with the Pertronix back in place. I took it for a 20 minute drive today and all seems well. I can now resume the original list of tasks.

Not Running, Not Driving

Classic Velocity

After a nice drive on a sunny but cold day, the car suddenly stopped while travelling about 30MPH a quarter of a mile from the garage. There was no sputtering, no poor running, it just quit. It would crank, but not fire. Fortunately, I was walking distance from the garage, and came back to the car a little while later. Same thing, crank, but no fire. All spark plug wires were attached, looked like fuel was getting to the plugs, so no spark was the apparent reason. I towed it back, making this the shortest tow in the history of towing, but this car is heavy, and I needed to go uphill. I got a condenser and points, and I may go with electronic ignition, but first I want to find the culprit. Coil and the CDI are on the list of suspects.....