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1970 Porsche 911T Targa

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Caliper Caper

Classic Velocity

Well after a lengthy test drive, it turns out that the bearings were not the final solution to the issue of periodic vibration on the passenger front of the Targa. Knowing that this had something to do with rotating mass and sensing that it was being transmitted through the brakes, the only remaining component was the Caliper itself. The caliper could be binding due to the piston becoming stuck once it got hot. With 40-year-old calipers, I decided to take the route of replacing the caliper rather than a rebuild kit. I could then rebuild the caliper sometime later.

The parts arrived within a week, and I completed the simple job of replacing the caliper and bleeding the brakes within an hour. I choose to put brand-new pads in, so now the front brakes are mismatched, but they performed well in the short test drive. I then took a much longer test ride down to the Radnor Hunt Concours which is covered in the main blog. All was well on the round-trip and I think I can finally declare the issue resolved.

Getting Your Bearings

Classic Velocity

Although the Targa has been out once or twice during the past year, it has been sidelined a bit due to an issue at the passenger front wheel that resulted in a thumping sensation once things warmed up. It felt like a high speed wheel balance issue, but it persisted even when you slowed down. All was well upon inspection, so it was tough to pin down. It would be fine once stopped for a short while. Switching wheels did not help, so I finally removed the wheel and changed the inner wheel bearing and race. A lengthy run so far seems to validate that the issue is fixed. Just in time for Targa top removal weather....



While I was there, I decided to flush the aging brake fluid and bleed all four brakes. The power bleeder came in handy since I had no assistant. Brakes did not feel bad before, but I have a firmer pedal afterwards.

Short Shift Sayonara

Classic Velocity

For a year or five, I had vowed to remove the ill-behaved short shift kit in the Targa and put it back to stock. However, at the end of each season, it would become a winter project, and then in the spring it would get driven and become a sometime-this-summer project, and then it would be fall which is perfect driving weather for the Targa, and then get the idea. Well finally, this winter, largely because I wanted someone else to drive it, I spent the couple of hours needed to get the job done.

It is not a difficult job other than reinstalling the two springs in the shift mechanism. This requires some gloves, some patience and some eye protection. My technique is to push the dowel pin a portion of the way through, and then to use a thin screwdriver at the other side to "catch" the other end of the spring. You can then tap the dowel through, and as it straightens the spring, it will also displace the screwdriver. The spring is under tension, so best to keep yourself protected, as well as any painted surfaces that you care about in the vicinity.

Once complete, I went out for a drive, and the stock shifting felt great. I'm not sure why it was ever removed....


Classic Velocity

This was scheduled to be the last of the Breakfast runs circling parts or eastern pennsylvania. Weather was just about perfect, and the crew always jumps to take advantage not knowing how many driveable weekend days are left in the season. The Targa had been suffering from battery maladies, and a broken gas cap cable. With the run as motivation, late on Saturday night I replaced the cable with the new one which had been sitting patiently for a couple of months. I then pulled the battery that had been on the trickle charger and stuck it in the car. Seemed strong, and I went to bed. 

The Targa is thankfully quieter than the Coupe, so I did not have to worry about waking the neighbors in the dark of Sunday morning. I headed out to my normal gas stop and got some Sunoco Ultra. I adjusted the mixture on the Zenith carbs a bit as they seemed to be running rich. The car felt great once it warmed up and the now popping Zenith carbs settled down. I need to rebuild these carbs this winter. There was a glorious sunrise as I drove out to the rendezvous site, and it had all the hallmarks of a glorious day.

All of the regulars were at the meet point, and we promptly took off into the countryside at speeds that may have exceeded posted limits at times ;-) Unlike the Coupe, the Targa is a stock 2.2, and it had to be kept on the boil in order to stay up with the squadron. And stay up with them it did ! The Targa also has the stock steering wheel and more body roll. While you might think that this would detract from a performance run like this, it was actually great fun to drive the car at its limits, and slide around on the stock seats while chasing the thoroughbreds.

Breakfast was good as usual and I got a great idea for altering the horrible new PA antique plates. The crew discussed the possibility of another run, perhaps thanksgiving weekend. We can't resist one last run... 

Battling Batteries

Classic Velocity

There has been a running battle with batteries of late. First the 911E had two bad ones, but they were at least ancient. Then the R90S needed a new one. And now, the Targa contributes to the fray. The car was on the charger the night before an intended voyage, and seemed to charge fine. It started perfectly the next day and we were off for a trip to pick up some small parts about 40 miles away. The car ran perfectly once it burned off some oil which had probably settled in the heat exchangers. On the way back, it turned over in a weak fashion before starting. I drove straight back, and it was almost dead upon arrival home. I checked the charging system which was fine, and put both batteries back on the trickle charger. They were very weak, but charged up fine once again. On the test drive the next day, all was well !! I am beginning to suspect the charger, but the batteries cannot be ruled out yet. I will check them again before the next outing.....It's always something..