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1970 Porsche 911E Coupe

Destination Start

Classic Velocity

Velocity Rallye attendee Stuart and I had been planning to go out for a drive for many weekends, but weather, work, etc had conspired to prevent it. We were finally set for a Saturday morning when the vintage 911 gang announced plans for a drive. Great, yet another gathering by members of the Erste Gruppe, and I had a logistical challenge since I needed to be back home before noon.

The solution was to drive with Stuart out to the starting point in NJ some 75 miles away, hang out with the group until departure, and then return solo. I would of course miss the whole drive, but the car needed some exercise, and Stuart and I got some driving in. It was mostly interstate and parkway up to the starting point where the gang was assembling. 

Once there, it was fun to ogle the eclectic group of Porsches gathered, as well as a couple of non-p-cars such as a 2002, and a Bentley. I also got to see Lewis' lovely Saab Sonnett. The group had a great time, and a thread over at the Early 911 site has more pics

On the way back, I took skipped the interstate and drove through some of the best part of the NJ in the northwest. The carbs were on song, and they enjoyed the more "spirited" drive home. With a little luck I will hopefully make more runs going forward.


Velocitee Rallee

Classic Velocity

The E has not gotten a lot of exercise so far this year. Not as bad as this journal might suggest, as it has been out a few times, but not a lot. The 2nd Non-Annual Classic Velocity Fall Rallye was going to be a good excuse to add a few hundred miles. However, as the day drew close, it looked like we might have nothing but Porsches, and I would drive the Tii for diversity. Fortunately, that was not the case, and the E snarled into life to lead the group. 

It is very difficult to keep a car this sporting in check on public roads. It is also tough to stay controlled leading a diverse group of cars in a non-performance mode. The car sounds and feels better when you step on it. I had Kevin along as passenger, and he had a fun time trying to hold on as we tested the limits on a few on ramps and S curves. 

Great country roads, scenic by-ways, cool temps, great fall colors, the sound of a flat six on song behind your head. It doesn't get much better than this....

Early Guys Out Late

Classic Velocity

The next best thing to driving and enjoying your early 911 ? Hanging out with the crew in the middle of winter. Luke Marano had the great idea to arrange a purely social event for the Early 911S contingent. Drinks and dinner in Philly. The event also celebrates the birth of a formal Early S Registry chapter in the Delaware Valley, thanks to the efforts of John Kolesa. After drinks at Hawthorne's, we moved around the corner to Dante & Luigi's for dinner. I knew almost all of the crew that turned out, but a few I met for the first time. For those I knew, it was nice to find out who puts up with them when they are not out strafing the countryside in spectacular cars. Of course, talk was mostly about cars, in between bites of good food and some spectacular tiramisu. I was surprised to see Neal from the BMW clan there as he had joined us with his SC on some of the rides. All in all, it was a great event which really helped to break up the miserable winter weather. I sense another event will take place before the winter is over.....

Invading England

Classic Velocity

Despite not solving the ongoing glowing alternator light problem, I took the E up to a local British car event about 20 miles away. First I fully charged the batteries to hedge my bets a little, and then headed out. The car was as intoxicating as it always proves to be. I can listen to the sound of the PMOs and the exhaust all day ! At the event, a few non-british cars showed up and were parked off to the side. I did not see them on first pass, and the gatekeeper had a rather alarmed look on his face as I approached, so I parked nearby and then joined the rest of the heretics from the Rocking Chair Motors gang. We had a great time and I had some very interesting conversations which made it into the main blog as the People Power post

A Warm Glowing Feeling

Classic Velocity

The E has a perplexing problem that has eluded resolution for months now. The generator light shines brightly with the key in the on position. Once it starts, the light becomes a warm glow which does not go away, but nor does it get brighter. The new voltage regulator did not solve the problem, as I discovered once I took it for a ride to test charging, and to see if the light went out at higher RPMs. At least I got a great drive out of the process. The car feels and sounds its usual phenomenal self, and a spirited drive left me with a warm glowing if I could just solve the glowing light.......

Regulation Regulator

Classic Velocity

After living with a glowing alternator light for some time, I finally got around to ordering the oem voltage regulator for the car. A while ago, the old one had died and in order to avoid being stranded, I used a Napa cross-referenced part. Any port in a storm...Well, that caused the alternator light to glow at anything below 3000 RPM and although it might not have caused the battery issues mentioned in the last post, I thought that with new batteries I should eliminate the possibilty. The first long drive will be the proof.....

The Trouble With Trickles

Classic Velocity

An impromptu trip to Pocono Raceway provided an opportunity to get some exercise for the Coupe. However, the car would not crank. It turns out that one battery was dead, and the other had two dry cells upon inspection. Although this car has not done very many miles, these batteries were probably 7 years old. I kept them on the trickle charger during the winter and had good results prior to now. The Battery Tender had a green light showing fully charged, but it lied. I put it on another known good battery to make sure it was not the problem, and it worked fine. The big charger confirmed that one of the batteries was just caput. I decided to swap the dual Bosch batteries out of the Targa and get a couple of replacements soon since it was laid up anyway with the passenger side wheel off. While I was at it, I decided to clean up the battery straps in the car. I decided to try some of the corrosion grease this time and lose the felt washers. We shall see...