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1970 Porsche 911E Coupe

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A Warm Glowing Feeling

Classic Velocity

The E has a perplexing problem that has eluded resolution for months now. The generator light shines brightly with the key in the on position. Once it starts, the light becomes a warm glow which does not go away, but nor does it get brighter. The new voltage regulator did not solve the problem, as I discovered once I took it for a ride to test charging, and to see if the light went out at higher RPMs. At least I got a great drive out of the process. The car feels and sounds its usual phenomenal self, and a spirited drive left me with a warm glowing if I could just solve the glowing light.......

Just like in the commercials

Classic Velocity

Today was one of those glorious fall days in the northeast when the sky is blue and the air is the right blend of crisp and cool.  It must feel like home to the E because it ran smooth as silk and felt compelled to sing a magnificent chorus of intake, motor, and exhaust to the automotive gods. Even the wind rustling the last leaves on the trees seems to give a standing ovation. All the while, Yokohamas, Bilsteins, and the chassis moved in choreographed splendor. This is what it is all about ...