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1970 Porsche 911E Coupe

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Off For Service

Classic Velocity

Although it seems like a long time since the last activity, it is just a long time since the last post, and some lost entries. In the last few months, I mpossible logistics means that getting to the minor oil leaks was not going to happen anytime soon. As a result, the car is off to Mark at Specialty Cars using their pickup service. 


2 Year Tune-Up

Classic Velocity

On a recent nice day, I thought that I would take the E out to get the oil circulating for an oil change. I turned the key, and it cranked over but would not fire. Lovely. Fuel was fine, but the distributor contacts had some buildup, and the plugs looked ready for retirement. Well, time flies, and it seems that I had not done a basic tuneup on the car in two years ! That has not been a lot of miles, but it has been enough intermittent outings to have exceeded the time portion of the formula. A quick trip to find some NGK plugs and then a wait for a distributor cap to arrive. Changing the plugs on these cars is a PITA because you have to feed them down a hole blind with a plug socket and extension that will hold the plug, but not too tight or you will be trying to extract the socke when the plug is finally in. Then the car fired right up. I ran it for a while and then ran out of time. Next up, the actual oil change..

2013-06-02 11.19.30.jpg

A Warm Glowing Feeling

Classic Velocity

The E has a perplexing problem that has eluded resolution for months now. The generator light shines brightly with the key in the on position. Once it starts, the light becomes a warm glow which does not go away, but nor does it get brighter. The new voltage regulator did not solve the problem, as I discovered once I took it for a ride to test charging, and to see if the light went out at higher RPMs. At least I got a great drive out of the process. The car feels and sounds its usual phenomenal self, and a spirited drive left me with a warm glowing if I could just solve the glowing light.......

Regulation Regulator

Classic Velocity

After living with a glowing alternator light for some time, I finally got around to ordering the oem voltage regulator for the car. A while ago, the old one had died and in order to avoid being stranded, I used a Napa cross-referenced part. Any port in a storm...Well, that caused the alternator light to glow at anything below 3000 RPM and although it might not have caused the battery issues mentioned in the last post, I thought that with new batteries I should eliminate the possibilty. The first long drive will be the proof.....

The Trouble With Trickles

Classic Velocity

An impromptu trip to Pocono Raceway provided an opportunity to get some exercise for the Coupe. However, the car would not crank. It turns out that one battery was dead, and the other had two dry cells upon inspection. Although this car has not done very many miles, these batteries were probably 7 years old. I kept them on the trickle charger during the winter and had good results prior to now. The Battery Tender had a green light showing fully charged, but it lied. I put it on another known good battery to make sure it was not the problem, and it worked fine. The big charger confirmed that one of the batteries was just caput. I decided to swap the dual Bosch batteries out of the Targa and get a couple of replacements soon since it was laid up anyway with the passenger side wheel off. While I was at it, I decided to clean up the battery straps in the car. I decided to try some of the corrosion grease this time and lose the felt washers. We shall see...