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1970 Porsche 911E Coupe

Off For Service

Classic Velocity

Although it seems like a long time since the last activity, it is just a long time since the last post, and some lost entries. In the last few months, I mpossible logistics means that getting to the minor oil leaks was not going to happen anytime soon. As a result, the car is off to Mark at Specialty Cars using their pickup service. 


Early Exercise

Classic Velocity


A breakfast meeting with a few of the crew from the Erste Gruppe provided a good opportunity to get the E some exercise. The route to the meeting spot was a familiar and picturesque route that was superb if you are on it early enough to avoid the hoards of cruiser bikes and trapped sports cars. I was out very early, and the roads were clear, but there was a pretty thick fog engulfing the river road. Still, a great run as always.


Once there, another treat was in store. We had a good breakfast and spoke about all things Porsche and beyond. Afterwards, I had a chance to take Lee's RSR replica for a spin. It was built to be street and track with the emphasis on track. It is a taut, fast package that feels like it has been hewn from a solid block of billet aluminum. On the slightly damp roads, I was on my best behavior with someone else's (expensive) machine. A beautiful car, and a a great experience.....


2 Year Tune-Up

Classic Velocity

On a recent nice day, I thought that I would take the E out to get the oil circulating for an oil change. I turned the key, and it cranked over but would not fire. Lovely. Fuel was fine, but the distributor contacts had some buildup, and the plugs looked ready for retirement. Well, time flies, and it seems that I had not done a basic tuneup on the car in two years ! That has not been a lot of miles, but it has been enough intermittent outings to have exceeded the time portion of the formula. A quick trip to find some NGK plugs and then a wait for a distributor cap to arrive. Changing the plugs on these cars is a PITA because you have to feed them down a hole blind with a plug socket and extension that will hold the plug, but not too tight or you will be trying to extract the socke when the plug is finally in. Then the car fired right up. I ran it for a while and then ran out of time. Next up, the actual oil change..

2013-06-02 11.19.30.jpg

Mid-Winter Delight

Classic Velocity

These are the dark days of cabin fever and snow-covered roads. When the sky is bright and the roads are washed clear of salt, it is a good day to sneak out and circulate the oil. It is even better to meet with the crew for breakfast. This time, we were in for a special treat as a friend of the crew brought his 930 turbo slant nose out for the ride. The amazing thing is that this is an original low mileage metal fendered unmolested car ! That is a rare bird indeed, and I enjoyed hearing the story of it and looking over the machine. I have seen a lot of cars made into a slant nose, but this was the real deal. Thanks Claude for bringing it out...


Running Early

Classic Velocity

We were very spoiled in the last few years. With the exception of some noted storms, winters have been mild, and you could drive without fear of salt or gravel during formerly unthinkable months. In 2013, I decided to get off to a strong early start by driving the coupe on a 44 degree day. It reminded me that I still need to chase down the alternator ground, but otherwise made glorious noises and enjoyed the brisk air. I also threw in some seafoam as despite my optimism, I cannot guarantee routine outings....


Breakfast with a Bonus

Classic Velocity

Over the late winter into spring and now into summer, the Pennsylvania-based early 911 group known as the Erste Gruppe have met a number of times not too far away. The location is usually a small café where the group can constitute half the customers on any given visit. The first couple of visits in 2012 were during frigid temperatures. This was particularly rough on hotrod cars  with no heat exchangers.

However, it was only partially about breakfast. Following breakfast, the group  usually gathered for a photo, and then invariably went on a loosely planned run through the surrounding countryside. I usually peeled off after a short period of time to head back, and did not complete some of the runs, but what I did participate in was fun and fast. So this in fact constitutes a summary post covering several months where the 911E coupe has actually been out and running. It's just this journal that's lagging....