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1969 Porsche 912

The Rescue Mission

Classic Velocity

It was the middle of nowhere. It had been snowing for a few days. And yet, there it was. Sitting by the roadside in the snow with a for sale sign in the window. I pulled over to take a look.  It was a Porsche 912 but in Guards Red with a whale tail. Not my cup of tea, but I took down the number and called. Left a message. 4 days later I was passing back the other way, and it was still there, but deeper in snow. I stopped and knocked on the door of the house. No answer. I left a note. The next day I finally get a call and the owner wants a ridiculous price fro the car. I tell him I'll be back in a few days and would like to take a closer look. A few days later, the snow has melted and I stop by. The car does not start, and needs some TLC, but it is basically solid. The owner is still asking way too much and says he has a lot of interest. I forget about it. 3 weeks later I pass it again. It is moved slightly to the left of the driveway. I call. There is a buyer coming to get it that weekend. I suggest at least getting it out of the weather. He says he has no storage, so it has to stay outside. I forget about it. 2 weeks later I get a text message: "buyer no show, got it started, still interested?" Yes I was, but not at the (now reduced) price. 2 days later I show up to buy, and it runs, but horribly. It needs a clutch, and the gear shift has more play than a worn out VW bus. The horn sounds when you open the driver door. We haggle. I buy.