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1965 BMW R50/2

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Carb Conundrum

Classic Velocity

Off-idle response had never been great, but after sitting for a few months, it had worsened a good deal. It started fine, was fine at big throttle, but just died when suddenly asked to give more. This became rather treacherous at an uphill red light ! I am going to order a jet kit from bing, and perhaps take a look at the floats as well. As usual, it is great once underway at steady throttle, and it was a glorious if cold day to be roaming the countryside amongst the winter corn fields.


The Breakfast Caper

Classic Velocity

Well it was supposed to be a relatively short jaunt to a favorite breakfast spot. A perfect morning for a ride. However, the place was closed due to the owners being on vacation, and so an alternative was needed. A good bit further, and a great place  in Doylestown, PA. The bike was parked in this spot and upon returning, I snapped this picture. A gem at the Gemologist....

Doing the Ton

Classic Velocity

Yes, that's right, the R50/2 did the ton today. Two up ! OK, it was KPH, but it was just north of 100 for about 30 seconds on a nice long straight. In addition, it was the perfect conveyance for a 60 mile jaunt around sunset on a glorious day. 



Classic Velocity

The R50 is a bit cold-blooded. It starts on the first or second kick, but it takes a while for the carbs to warm up so that off-idle acceleration is smooth. On this chilly day, the machine was fine once I was out for about 10 minutes. The motorcycle just smoothed out its acceleration and felt much more powerful. As usual, a series of stops around town were no problem, and the long way home was a pleasure. 

Along the way, the machine celebrated 38,000 miles on a deserted back road with an open field of grass stretching off into the distance. Just as it should be...

Airheads Abound

Classic Velocity

Local Airhead Marshall Dave Cushing arranged a summer barbecue gathering at his home. It was a perfect distance and excuse to ride the R50/2. On a perfect summer afternoon, the bike started first kick and once warmed up, we breezed along a winding river road. The sweeping curves are great fun as you can ride the R50 close to its limit. The event at Dave's was a great affair and was covered in the main blog. It was the only /2 at the event, and many people were curious about the pillion seat. Good conversation, great people, and a wealth of knowledge. It is always impressive how many engineers gravitate toward the Airheads club where the slogan is "Simple By Choice. All of this followed by a great ride back home on a great machine.


The Magic of Meandering

Classic Velocity

The R50 has not seen a lot of action this year due to a busy schedule, and the concentration on getting the R60 on the road. However, it has been the magnificent meanderer when there has been just a few hours to spare, and bucolic countryside to explore. On this occasion, I took the very long way to get some spark plugs for another vehicle. It always causes smiles and inquiries into its age. The real magic though is leaving town once again, and navigating the seldom traveled roads in the more rural parts of the neighboring counties. The errand is just an excuse..

Bucks Backroads

Classic Velocity

When it is sunny and in the mid-70s, it is arguably a perfect day for riding a motorcycle. Any motorcycle. If you want to really savor the ride, then it is best enjoyed on a vintage motorcycle. If you want to meander around and take your time exploring back roads, then may I suggest the BMW R50/2. It may just be the perfect vintage motorcycle for traveling around below 60 mph. It is an excellent conveyance for visiting small country post offices that are within a hundred mile radius of your starting point for example. However, you don't really need destinations or excuses, all you need is some time, some empty roads, and one of the best motorcycles ever built.