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1958 BMW R60

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Dismantling 2

Classic Velocity

The dissassembly continues. More penetrant, a little heat from the propane torch for one bolt, but other than that things are moving along without drama. The exhausts and the luggage rack are off and the fender hinges nicely. Some areas are a head-scratching conundrum. For example, the tires are so new that they still have whiskers on them !! They look good, and I am really hoping that they are not dry rotted. It lends some credence to the previous owner's claim that the bike was running a year or two ago. It is amazing how much surface rust can accumulate just from a single winter in a drafty leaky shed or under a tarp. Footpegs and other minor things are removed. So far, so good.

Dismantling 1

Classic Velocity

     Holiday delays are over, and it is time to get on with the dismantling job. First was a good soaking in penetrant for a number of fasteners and the battery terminals. One of the first items to be tackled is the clamped-on sidestand. I had a mild concern about the point where it contacts the frame, but it was actually just a little surface corosion. An overnight soak in penetrant made everything come apart without issue. Next up was the crazy home made highway pegs bracket. The position of it is such that I don't know how someone of average height would use them !! Lastly, the battery wires were heavily corroded and fused to the terminals. Penetrant did not help, and I had to cut the wire off on the positive side. Coming up I will tackle the luggage frames......


Classic Velocity

Attorneys like to use the term Discovery for the period when they are exposed to the facts/evidence in a case, and before they formulate their case for trial. And so it is here. The bike is off the trailer and now in the garage where it can be subject to a more thorough inspection. 

The bike seems to be in fairly good shape overall. There is pitting in all of the chrome, and the exhausts are shot, as is the crossover pipe. Some of the chrome may be ok with steel wool and never dull, but the majority will not recover without re-plating. The body is very good with few dents and remarkedly good original paint. This includes the tank. Lots of surface rust, but no structural concerns.

The seat is the best condition SchorshMeier I have ever seen on an unrestored bike of this era. The luggage, however, has not aged as well. Overall though, the 39K miles are very credible, and the oil coating on the bottom of the sump suggests that it may have been running in the last few years as reported. The strangest thing has been the highway bars which are bolted across the top of the motor !!


The Find

Classic Velocity

This is what happens when you go poking around in barns and sheds. On this occasion, I went to look at another bike for sale, and while talking with the owner, discovered that he had an R50 BMW hanging around that needed to go. It was a matching numbers bike in fairly good shape. It was not running, and the tank was off, but it turned over easily with the kickstart, and seemed to have compression. After a lot of talking, I came away with that bike and not the one I went to see. The title had no model designation on it which was not unusual more than a decade ago. The vin number looked pretty low, but I did not remember the starting number for the R50. Once I was home, I looked it up, and it turned out that this was an R60, not an R50 !! It is from the pre-slash2 era, and seems to be a true unmolested, unrestored example. This stuff really does still happen. Happy Holidays indeed.