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1958 BMW R60

Dismantling 1

Classic Velocity

     Holiday delays are over, and it is time to get on with the dismantling job. First was a good soaking in penetrant for a number of fasteners and the battery terminals. One of the first items to be tackled is the clamped-on sidestand. I had a mild concern about the point where it contacts the frame, but it was actually just a little surface corosion. An overnight soak in penetrant made everything come apart without issue. Next up was the crazy home made highway pegs bracket. The position of it is such that I don't know how someone of average height would use them !! Lastly, the battery wires were heavily corroded and fused to the terminals. Penetrant did not help, and I had to cut the wire off on the positive side. Coming up I will tackle the luggage frames......